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SHA Hockey Club Rules

All games under the jurisdiction of the League shall be played under GTHL (Greater Toronto Hockey League), OHF (Ontario Hockey Federation) and Hockey Canada rules, except as otherwise provided in the playing rules of the SHA Hockey Club.

The League will operate various series in the House League and in addition will operate one or more teams in other series as decided by the Directors, birth dates for the playing season will be as of December 31st.

REFUND POLICY: Administration fees apply, no refunds after September 15th of the current season.

    1. Each House League series shall comprise a sufficient number of teams as necessary to accommodate the registered players for each series. Such number of teams to be of a quantity to equalized scheduling of games during the season.

    2. All players are expected to participate in their proper Divisions whether it be House League or Select Hockey.  All players are entitled to try-out for Select Hockey and not lose the ability to paricipate to a player from a different age category.  Exception to this rule is if there is a lack of players for the age group and Teams or Divisions have been combined

    3. In order to be eligible to compete on any Select Team a player must be in good standing and participating continuously on his or her House League Team.  Only House League Goaltenders are eligible to play Goaltender on a Select Team with the exception of a situation where there is no other Goaltender available.  Failure to do so will result in the removal of the player from the Select Team until further notice.
    4. No player will be accepted by the SHA Hockey Club who is signed by any other league, including any Church League, or will any player registered with the SHA Hockey Club sign with any other league without first obtaining a release from the SHA Hockey Club. Any player who contravenes this rule shall be deemed an ineligible player.
    5. Once assigned to a team, no player may be released, transferred, or traded to another team without the approval of the Series Coordinator and the Vice-President in charge of the House League operation.
    6. Any player drafted or assigned to a team as a GOALTENDER must play for his team in goal throughout the season, round robin and play-offs, with the exception that he is injured, suspended or absent with cause. Any coach requesting an exception to this rule must apply in writing to the Vice-President in charge of the House League. The exception would be in Novice and tykes were they may rotate a goalie if no registered goalie is present.
    7. All players are not permitted to practice or play (regular or exhibition) games for any other team (SHA Hockey Club or any other League) other than the team they were drafted on. The exception to this rule is the Select, Competitive teams or goaltenders of the SHA Hockey Club.
    8. Due to insurance coverage only registered personnel, players or coaching staff, of the team are allowed on the ice during practices. Any coach desiring the help of other non-registered personnel may do so by submitting his name to the Vice-President in charge of the House League.
    9. Players will not be accepted by the SHA Hockey Club while under suspension from any other League.
    10. Players and officials are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion at all times, and abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and special playing rules of the SHA Hockey Club.
    11. For all Initation Program Division (5-8 year olds) games using the buzzer system, in order to allow coaches time to prepare their game sheet, plan their line-up and speak with their players about the game, all players should be in the dressing room and fully dressed for the game a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for the game. 

    12. For all Initation Program Division (5-8 year olds) games using the buzzer system, any player arriving late will be permitted to play in that game.  For all other divisions (Atom to Juvenile), if a player is late, they have until the end of the first period to dress and begin play.

    13. All players and on ice officials shall were the equipment outlined by the OHF and Hockey Canada guidelines and rules.
    14. All players participating in game action within the SHA Hockey Club MUST wear their entire team apparel, this includes jersey and team socks. Failure to comply with this rule will first result in a two minute minor to the offending player; continued failure to comply may lead to a player unable to participate in game action.
    15. The league shall supply goaltending equipment, on a loan basis, including pads, chest protector and goal gloves. The coach of the team is responsible for the reasonable maintenance and return of equipment loaned.
    16. The coach is responsible for the actions of his players and coaching staff. He should also provide his players with his phone number at the beginning of each season.
    17. The referees are in charge of the game and persistent questioning of their decisions, or harassment, during a game will not be tolerated. Justifiable complaints may be made in writing to the series coordinator and dealt with by the Vice-president in charge of the House League.
    18. No one connected with any team may approach a sponsor requesting assistance of any kind. The League has assured the sponsor that the sponsorship fee is the limit of their obligation.
    19. No one, coaches, assistant coaches or off ice officials are to cross the ice to and from the players bench unless they are wearing skates, but MUST walk around outside the boards.
    20. The coach must keep his players in the dressing room until such time as the convener calls the players to the ice surface. 
    21. Players must be keep off the ice surface until the completion of flooding and scraping and until the gates are closed.
    22. Any player requesting a separate dressing room will be accomodated after the request is formally made to the President or House League Director.
    23. Coaches must have the dressing rooms cleared fifteen minutes after the completion of the hockey game or practice.
    24. Parents are not allowed in the dressing room area from Minor Peewee and up. In the other series, parents are allowed to help their children get dressed but must clear the dressing room at least five minutes before game time. At the conclusion of the game parents must wait five minutes before proceeding to the dressing rooms, in order to give the coaching staff time with their teams.
    25. Only three coaches and sixteen players are permitted on the bench for any scheduled League, Round Robin or Play-off game. Any player or team member under suspension is NOT ALLOWED in the dressing room, dressing room area or the player’s bench. Any non-playing player is allowed on the bench if they wear a team jersey and helmet.
    26. The coach is responsible for the completion of the game sheet. It must show the name of the team, the opposing team, the date, and the full name and numbers of the players. It also must show the sequence of players for the games played with the three minute buzzer.
    27. If the game is delayed due to an incomplete game sheet a two minute delay of the game may be issued.
    28. Due to the time restraints, there will be no hand shaking prior to or after the game. There will also be no time for on ice stretching or other warm up methods. Any team delaying the start of the game will be issued a delay of the game penalty.
    29. All games are subject to begin five minutes early if time permits, coaches not adhering to this will be subject to a two minute delay of game penalty.
    30. Game time lengths are subject to change at the discretion of the Directors of the SHA Hockey Club; this would be done generally at the beginning of the season due to registration and ice availability.
    31. Should a goaltender not show for their game a team would be allowed five minutes to dress a player from their team for novice and tyke, from Minor Atom through Juvenile a goalie from a competing team in the division may be used. This would also include a situation were a goalie is previously known to be unavailable for an upcoming game. 
    32. Games defaulted or forfeited shall be recorded as a 1-0 win for the opposing team. Any defaults may be subject to review by the Directors of the League.
    33. Should adjustment or repair of equipment be necessary, the player must go to the player’s bench. Should a player attempt to repair or adjust equipment on the ice, thereby delaying the game, he or she will be subject to a two minute minor for delay of the game.
    34. In games were the three minute shift is being used no player shall play more than one shift then the other players on the team. Should a team miss shift on a continued basis they may be subject to two minute minor for miss shifting. 
    35. Any goal scored while a miss shifting has occurred, will be disallowed as an ineligible player was on the ice.
    36. In the games were the three minute buzzer is in effect the following rotation will take place if the team doesn’t have fifteen skaters. The first five will play, the next five will play, followed by the remaining players as well as the players on the top of the list that are needed and so on.

    37. In the case of an injury to a player, a player from the PREVIOUS shift will replace the injured player, provided they are not scheduled to go out on the ice on the next shift.  This will not apply to a team with 10 or less skaters dressed.  Should the injured player not be able to play their next regular shift, the player is then out of the game and the team will follow regular rotation rules.

    38. In the House League divisions (Atom, Peewee, Bantam, Minor Midget, Midget and Juvenile) where there is shifting 'on the fly' (no buzzer) coaches are to provide ALL players - regardless of ability - with an equal opportunity to participate in all Regular Season and Playoff games.

      The following rotation guidelines are suggested and will be observed:
      15 Skaters - 3 forward lines, 3 defense pairs
      14 Skaters - 3 forward lines, 5 defense rotated (1,2) (3,4) (5,1) (2,3)
      13 Skaters - 3 forward lines, 2 defense pairs OR   3 sets of wingers, 2 centre's, 5 defense rotated
      12 Skaters - 3 sets of wingers, 2 centre's, 2 defense pairs
      11 Skaters - 2 sets of wingers, 3 centre's, 2 defense pairs
      10 Skaters - 2 forward lines, 2 defense pairs
        9 Skaters - 2 forward lines, 3 defense rotated
        8 Skaters - fair and equitable rotation
        7 Skaters - fair and equitable rotation

    39. In games where the clock is currently running time, the last minute of the game shall be observed as stop time if the game is within a three goal spread (e.g. 4 to 1, 6 to 3 etc.). In the games that are stop time the clock will run during the third period if the goal spread is five goals or greater and the clock will only revert back to stop time if the score is reduced back to within a three goal differential.
      Additionally, in any game acknowledged to exceed the allotted time allowed for that game to be played, the clock will be observed as running time for the remainder of the game from that time forward.  
    40. In the SHA Hockey Club House League, the penalties subscribed to are those described by the OHF and the GTHL. However, the method of serving those has been modified to conform to the equal ice time policy, and the fact that some games are played on a running clock time.
    41. Therefore a penalized player will serve their penalty only when it is their turn to be on the ice.  The exception to this rule would be if a player has completed their shifts.  A player on the last shift of the game must complete the time remaining in the penalty prior to the team returning to full strength.
    42. All minor penalties will be of two minute duration, except if a goal is scored by the non-penalized team during the time the penalized player would normally be on the ice, in which event the penalized player may return to play.
    43. If a player gets a penalty in any shift the penalty starts at the drop of the puck.
    44. Bench penalties or delay of the game penalties will be served at the time of the infraction by the player that it is assessed to. Should it be a team official the penalty shall be served by a player on the ice at the time of the infraction.
    45. Any player other than a goaltender who receives a five minute major penalty will be removed from the game and assessed the suspension according to the OHF guidelines. The goaltender will complete the game and be assessed an additional game, the exception would be if the on ice referees determine it is unsafe to continue with the goaltender. In those situations the game would either be defaulted or continue with six skaters, at the discretion of the referees and Director on Duty.
    46. Suspensions for fighting will be as follows; 1st offence is three additional games, 2nd offence is six additional games, 3rd offence is removal from the program for the season or eight games (the greater of the two options). The third offence is the ONLY appealable suspension under these guidelines.
    47. Misconduct penalties will be dealt with in the following manner; game ejections are the removal of the offending player for the remainder of the game, ten minute misconducts are to be served during the playing time of that game if unable to complete due to time running out, an additional game is added. Misconduct carries an additional game, a game misconduct carries an additional two games. 
    48. Any coaching staff member that receives any of the above penalties is subject to the same suspension as a player.
    49. If a player, coach or any other team official receives a minor and/ major penalty, in addition to a misconduct, a game misconduct, a match misconduct, or a gross misconduct, the major will be served by the team playing shorthanded by rotating a player in the penalty box on each whistle.
    50. While under suspension for two or more games in the House League a player or coaching staff member may be suspended from participating in any other League activities, i.e., Select programs, Exhibition games or out of town trips. The President, Vice-President in charge of the House League and the Vice-President in charge of the Select Program will determine if this will apply on a case to case basis.
    51. Any suspension and/ or major penalties received by a player or coaching staff member during a Select game, Tournament or Exhibition games may be subject to an additional House League suspension at the discretion of the Vice-President in charge of the Select Program. 
    52. The Referee on duty, the Referee-in-chief, the Convener, or any League Director may put any player, coach, manager or assistant coach on report for their off the ice conduct in or at the arena. The suspension will be handed down by the President.
    53. A referee shall have full authority and the final decision in all matters under dispute. His decision shall be final on all questions of fact and NOT subject to appeal.
    54. All regular Season Champions will receive an individual award to a maximum of sixteen per team.
    55. All teams will receive a trophy after the finals, either a Championship or Finalist to a maximum of 16 plus a sponsorship trophy.
    56. Coaching staffs will receive recognition for their efforts to a maximum of three per team.
    57. Ties at the end of the Regular League Schedule or at the end of the Round Robin Schedule will be broken on the following basis.
      1. Games won
      2. Team record against each other
      3. Least goals against
      4. Goal differential against each other
      5. Total Goal differential
      6. "Goals For" divided by "Goals For + Goals Against"
      7. First goal of game between tied teams

Select  (NYHL)Team Rules

The following rules must be administered by the Head Coach of each team  They are ultimately resposible for the actions of their Coaching Staff, Players, Parents and any other on-ice instructors.  If it is not determinable as to who committed the infraction, the Head Coach will be deemed responsible.

  1. Select team Exhibition games or Tournaments must be approved by the Vice-President in charge of the Select Program as well as the GTHL or NYHL whomever the team is affiliated with.
  2. Select Teams are able to participate in four exhibition games per calendar month (October through April).
  3. All permission forms must be forwarded in a timely manner in order to be approved by the affiliated organization in the time frame they have set out to follow. Game sheets must be turned in promptly after the event to submit to affiliated organization. 
  4. Exhibition games host by the Select teams must have two certified referees and a game sheet filled out and turned upon the completion of the game.
  5. Select teams will be coached by team officials approved by the Directors of the SHA Hockey Club. These team officials will be responsible for the day to day operations of their teams and keep an account of all money turned in and spent by the team.
  6. The Select Program shall be financially responsible to operate as a self-sufficient program within the SHA Hockey Club therefore not to be a financial burden on the House League Program, or the Competitive Program.
  7. Mechanics as to the cost of the Select team tryouts and yearly cost will be worked out by the Coaching staff and the Vice-President in charge of the Select program. 
  8. Any fund raising by individual teams, House League or Select must first have the approval of the Directors of the SHA Hockey Club. 
  9. In the event of a conflict between a players House League game and a Select program activity the House League game shall take precedent. The exceptions would be were as the Select team has received permission for a Tournament and the House League amended to accommodate the change.  The same applies to conflicts between Select and Competitive Teams regarding "call up" players.
  10. Select teams will only be permitted through the direct approval of the Vice-President in charge of Selects, and the remaining Directors of the SHA Hockey Club.
  11. All team pictures must be taken by the League photographer who will be made available to select teams.  If a Team choses to use another source it can be approved by the General Manager of the Competitive or the Vice-resident in charge of Selects.  The Team will still be charged the cost of the League Photographer should this option be chosen.
  12. Any team wishing to use the League logos or name in any way and on any apparel, promotional item or marketing material must have prior approval from the President.  Any items purchased must also be purchased through the league's authorized distributors.  All items must be purchased in the Leagues current colour scheme. Failure to comply will result in a $500.00 fine to the offending Team for the first offence,  The second offence will result in a $500,00 fine and an in-person meeting between the Head Coach and the representatives of the Board of Firectors with the possible removal from the program.  
  13. ALL on ice participants MUST wear a CSA approved helmet, this includes ANY personnel including registered Skating or Goalie instructors.  Compliance is mandatory with the offending personnel being removed from the Program.  Should it be a registered Skating or Goalie Instructor the Head Coach of the Team will meet with the Board of Directors with the possible removal from the Program.
  14. ANY guest Skating or Goalie Instructors MUST first get approval from the President of the Club and produce valid insurance coverage.

These in house rules are subject to change from time to time, by the rules committee and will be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting that is held on a posted date in early June.